If you are interested in purchasing any of these pieces please inquire about it's availability. If it is sold something similar may be available.
Dimensions are for paper only. The tampico fringes are from 1-2 inches additional on each side. Prices are for unframed artwork and do not include shipping. Framing is limited and prices will be quoted on a piece by piece basis. For further information on how to order please visit our Information page. Please be sure to read our payment and returns policy.
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Blue Door
12"x16"x1", Matted 16x20 unframed
170.00 sold
Golden Trees
$525.00 sold

Earth Layers
14"x36x1" sold

Language of the Trees
11.5"x17.5'X1 matted 22:x28"
$250.00 SOLD

Spring Field
9"x12"x.5" matted 12"x16"

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Three small columns. They are all around 6-6 1/2" wide and 20" long and are mounted on 10x24 matboard.

$175.00 each

11 1/2x17 1/2 image
18x24 matted
Red Planets
18"x24"x.5" matted 24"x30"
10.25"x13.25" matted 18"x24"
13.5"x19.5"x.5 matted 22"x28"
Handmade Paper Collage
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Beach Day
11.5x17.5x1 matted 18x24

Golden Trees
11.5x17.5x1 matted 18x24
13.5x19.5x1 matted 22x28"
$275.00 sold
Two Moons
11.5x17x1 matted 18x24"

Waters Edge
22x30"x1" image, 28"x36" matted
Earth Layers
$220.00 sold
Red Door
13.25"x19.25"x.75 matted 22"x28"
$250.00 sold
Red Strata
$600.00 sold
New Moon
18"x24"x.5" matted 24"x30"

Small piece
9X12x.25 matted 12x16 sold

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Sunrise at the Lake
13 "x32"x1"
$550.00 each sold